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Noynoy Aquino is the best president and ruled us wisely. If he is a moron then the whole world are morons.


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Noynoy Did Nothing Wrong

Noynoy is the best president. He has done no crime. Architect of DAANG MATUWID!!!


This Should Be Called Lies Fast Emerging

It is my duty to expose falsehoods that are harmful to our yellow cause. We all know Noynoy, Mar and De Lima have nothing to do with Napoles.

Truth fast emerging

Monday, 20 March 2017 00:00 Published in Commentary

What was merely suspected before, has now been confirmed in reported documents handed over by Pastor Boy Saycon, Secretary General of the Council of Philippine Affairs to Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre.
One of the documents given to Aguirre by Saycon reportedly states that the yellow president, Noynoy Aquino, received up to P90 million in campaign funds from Janet Lim-Napoles when he was then running for the top post.
Speculation was rife after then Justice chief Leila de Lima, visited Napoles in the hospital for surgery to get her alleged “confession” on the names of lawmakers who had gotten their kickbacks from the pork barrel allocation, then she announced to the media that only the names of three senators were mentioned by Napoles as having received their kickbacks. De Lima then rushed to Malacañang and Noynoy to report on her visit to Napoles.
Suspicion grew some more after Napoles, who was then in hiding, was fetched by Aquino’s  spokesman who then brought her straight to Malacañang to have lunch and a meeting with Aquino, Mar Roxas and his Budget Secretary Butch Abad, after which, Aquino and Roxas even personally drove her to Camp Crame.
It was then heavily suspected by many that during that hospital visit of de Lima to Napoles, Noynoy, Mar and Butch Abad’s names were mentioned by Napoles as being in the list of lawmakers who received their pork kickbacks but were asked by Noynoy not to include him and Mar as recipients of pork barrel “commissions.”
This also explains why then Aquino appointed Commission on Audit (CoA) chairman, Grace Pulido Tan, deliberately omitted the audit of Noynoy and Mar Roxas, both of whom were members of Congress for over a decade and had also received their pork barrel allocations.
And even as it was claimed by Pulido that an audit was done on all the legislators, it was noted that all the allies of Aquino then were not audited 100 percent. Only the three senators were audited 100 percent. This way, the Noynoy allies would be protected, with no plunder committed.
Neither de Lima nor Ombudsman Carpio-Morales filed cases of plunder against all others and focused only on the three then opposition senators, Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile and Bong Revilla.
So far, however, the document shared by Saycon is the P90-million poll contribution to Noynoy from Napoles, which Noynoy had not included in his list of election contributors, which is an electoral offense that does not require a penalty of life in prison.
But it is certain that eventually, Napoles, who has been double crossed by Noynoy, will surface sometime in the near future as she will probably expose the truth, perhaps after Ombudsman Morales, who absolves Noynoy quick as a wink on any charge, especially plunder, will be out by July 2018.
However, since Noynoy dealt with Napoles for election contributions and hid it from both the Commission on Elections, as well as his Statement of Assets and Liabilities net worth, as well as his having lied about his having bought and sold his Porsche, it is highly probable that Noynoy dealt with Napoles on his pork barrel allocations, both as a senator and a congressman.
Napoles didn’t spill the beans then on Noynoy and his yellows, but it is also more than likely that Napoles will be spilling the entire beans eventually, as it is suspected that Leila de Lima had asked Napoles to merely name the three senators whom Noynoy wanted jailed as part of his “achievements.”
No doubt Leila and Benhur Luy had a deal, which translated to Napoles’ case being dropped against him while his case of alleged serious kidnapping and detention against Napoles would succeed in placing Napoles in jail.
One can easily see just how Leila had manufactured evidence against the three senators and how the CoA chairman deliberately excluded Noynoy and Roxas from the special audit.
Yet there went the European Union (EU) Parliament, Amnesty International (AI) and the Human Rights Watch (HRW) falling for the lies woven by Leila as a political prisoner and demanding that she be released from detention immediately, even making unproven claims that the testimonies and evidence against Leila are all false and manufactured.
This is most irresponsible of EU, the UN, AI and HRW to claim such or even demand Leila’s release from detention, especially since they haven’t even examined the evidence against Leila.
Worse is the fact that they clearly disrespected Philippine laws and the justice system, as they echo Leila’s lies.
These international agencies should instead demand that Aquino, Roxas and Abad be charged and jailed, along with Leila. They should be made accountable for their crimes against the Filipino people.


Goodbye to all that, Leni

Sunday, 19 March 2017 00:00 Published in Commentary

It certainly looks like a fly landed in the yellows’ destab-coup soup, after Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez issued a threat to impeach Vice President (VP) Leni Robredo for betrayal of public trust.
He had earlier linked Robredo to the coup plot being hatched by Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano.
The Speaker added however, that he will first study this.
However, Speaker Alvarez enjoys the reputation of making good his threat, especially after he put into action his threat to have all those leaders of the House of Representatives and several committee chairmen vacate their posts.
The VP’s spokesman, Georgina Hernandez, slammed the Speaker for coming up with the notion of filing an impeachment complaint against her  principal “without sufficient basis.”
Hernandez called Alvarez’s statement “utterly irresponsible” for Alvarez to make such a pronouncement “as he himself mentioned that he is still looking into the matter and he will still have to consult his legal team.”
She also called it the Speaker’s public statement as one without sufficient basis and is purely speculation.
There was never a pip from Leni on this Trillanes-Alejano impeach move against Rody. She should at least have said something, considering the fact that she is expected to be the beneficiary of the ouster of Rody.
Instead, she came up with that prepared speech for the UN and international bodies, making Filipinos cringe at her way of putting down the country and its institutions, and worse, even smiling throughout her delivery of her speech! Shades of her yellow president, Benigno Aquino, smiling sickly at tragedy. But what can Filipinos expect from the yellows?
But the fact is that Trillanes and Alejano have no leg to stand on in their impeachment complaint, since the grounds they cited, such as the Davao Death Squad summary killings occurred long before Duterte became president; his two or even five so-called DDS members turned witnesses, were already found to be lying, with the next three joining in the lies too.
Another ground cited was graft and corruption as well as high crimes.
Everybody, and even the yellows, know that they have absolutely no evidence of graft and corruption on Rody, nor any high crime committed on the issue of Benham Rise and the China vessels entering the area.
They also know that the impeachment complaint won’t even get to first base, which means that it won’t hit the plenary vote in the House, nor will it reach the Senate for trial.
Leni is wrong to say that Alvarez’s  impeachment statement is “irresponsible for a public servant of his stature.”
Her spokeswoman blast against the speaker  is better directed at her principal, the VP, because it fits her more.
It is not just utterly irresponsible for a public servant of Leni’s stature to come up with that speech before the UN and blackening the Philippines and its people.
Herandez said: “There is nothing in the video that shows any sort of action as all of the statements in the video are based on facts coming from first-hand accounts of families, urban poor families who sought refuge from the Office of the Vice President, and  to share their experiences” in police operations under the administration’s war on drugs. That’s what can be called “alternative facts” from Leni.
Also, she stressed that the event’s organizers requested for a message from the Vice President last February, and that their office sent it before the month ended. The posting and sharing of the said video “depended solely on the schedule of the conference — beyond our control.”
That is a pure bullcrap from Hernandez. The organizers may have requested for a message from the VP, but Leni had that choice to merely give a message without destroying the country and its people.
And it is false of her to claim that the poor no longer know whom to trust which is why they go to her. What a load of bullcrap. Leni is the only one the por trust? She won’t even get the masa vote if she thinks of running for the presidency in 2022.
But she may not even have that opportunity, as she might be impeached and convicted.
She should know that while impeachment is a constitutional mandate of the House and the Senate in the matter of a trial, impeachment has always been and will still be, a numbers a numbers game — something that the yellows and their allies, don’t have.
Which is why the impeachment complaint against Rody won’t fly, while an impeachment complaint against Leni will definitely  go all the way to a Senate trial. And if she does not have the numbers in the Senate, for Leni, it’s all over.
But even before her conviction, she may just be out of her seat as VP, should Bongbong Marcos win his protest, which is likely.
And for Leni, it’s goodbye to all that.

Witch Hunt Hits Abad

What kind of thank you is that??  The DAP ( Disbursement Acceleration Program) was needed for President Noy to weave his magic during his term. He brought those rogues  ( Arroyo, Ejercito, Enrile and Revilla) to justice. That magic would not be possible if not for craftiness of his Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad. In a perfect world ( which Noynoy was trying to create by the way) there would be parades for former Budget Secretary Abad. Instead in this very imperfect administration there are charges of unlawful implementation!  This is the epitome of injustice.

I have included below the speech of Senator Bong Revilla so you can hear what a real criminal sounds like: