Fake News! Fake News!!!

Like we told you since day 1 here at BSAQUINORULES.COM in our home page, We know who is real and who is lying in the right margin of our fine website. Rappler and Inquirer are not on the list while Get Fake Philippines and the rest are there. Our idols will prevail while the people who spread lies about them will fail!!! The streets will flow with the blood of the non believers!!!







CBCP releases list of fake news sites

Published June 27, 2017 11:57am


Amid the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) call for the public to refrain from spreading alternative facts, fake news, or false information, it has also released a partial list of websites that purvey “fake or unverified content.”

The following sites according to CBCP are “carrying fake or unverified content”:

But Pinoy Trending refuted the list, saying: “You can notice that most of the websites included by the CBCP are writing good things about the government which they are criticizing because of the policies of the Duterte administration against criminals.”

The CBCP in a Pastoral Exhortation against Fake News earlier underscored that  “Christians cannot be part of falsehood, deceit, and lies.”

“The active involvement of citizens in creating a nurturing society steeped in justice depends on the truth. That is the service to which media is called. That is why we have schools and colleges and universities. That is why teaching is a noble profession. That is why books and magazines, journals, and articles are published,” the bishops said.

In a GMA News’ Unang Balita report, Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz called on the public to be aware of the “standard news.”

“Let us be aware of what these standard news maker say and publish so that we’ll have a comparison with those who publish fake news. Alam natin kung anong totoo, kung anong tama, pagkat ito’y galing sa mga media sources na kapani-paniwala, na matagal nang nandiyan, na matagal nang nagbabalita,” he said.  Marlly Rome Bondoc/RSJ/KVD, GMA News



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