Dream On You Yellow Hater

 Jojo Robles, you are grasping at straws. Noynoy and his Liberals have nothing to do with Janet Napoles. She deserves all the blame. Justice and the Liberal party will prevail and you will be bitter forever. You are right about one thig. Comparing Frank Drilon to St. Peter. St. Peter  was the rock that Christ built his Church. Daang Matuwid for six years (2010-2016)  will forever be seen as a time of prosperity and honesty in Philippine politics. 



Just to refresh your memory. Please note that this is only a partial list of the enablers and protectors of Janet Lim Napoles. It does not include the lawmakers who feasted on their own pork using Napoles’ NGOs.
1. Noynoy Aquino had Napoles fetched and brought to Malacanang for a late-night debriefing session after she agreed to surrender. He later had her taken to Crame. He was also believed to have worked to delay the scam story’s publication until after the May 2013 midterm polls, so as not to hurt the chances of his candidates.
2. Butch Abad is the acknowledged mentor of Napoles, reportedly teaching her the basics of the scam and later helping her implement it on a massive, nationwide scale as DBM secretary.
3. Mar Roxas was Napoles’ driver, his familiar role for Noynoy, to Crame. Credited with respectfully calling her “Maam Janet,” even if he is known to everyone as a spoiled rich kid who never treated anyone he considers his inferior with respect.
4. Leila de Lima and Conchita Morales “dribbled” Napoles’ cases and made sure she was charged and tried only for serious illegal detention. Ensured that only non-LP lawmakers were charged for involvement in the scam.
5. Edwin Lacierda also acted as chauffeur, fetching Napoles from her mother’s mausoleum and bringing her to Noynoy.
6. Frank Drilon and his wife were best buds of Napoles, travelling with her often. Best known for receiving a pricey Mont Blanc pen from Napoles and then, like Peter, denying her multiple times.


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