Invitation For Those Of Us Who Did Not Care For Luneta Rally

Cant hear ya
Like My Hero Noynoy I Only Want To Deal With People Who Agree With Me


If you are like me (if you are not, why aren’t you?) and were not at all impressed with the pro Duterte/ impeach Leni rally in Luneta last April 2, 2017. I want to hear from you and put your opinion in this website.  Please make it one that agrees with my opinion so that we all learn a lot.


Twitter: Tweet at     with the hashtag #antiApril2




Baloney! Noynoy Ruled Us Well


You Should Feel Honored

You should feel honored you peon that a great couple such as the Robleses even gave you a nano second of their time. I would treat you like navel lint. Still, thanks for the plug. This humble website serving a noble cause deserves more readers.