Oh No! They Are Multiplying!!



Duterte Is Still Horrible 

All these excuses about what he hasn’t done does not make him our kind of guy. We love Leni and Noynoy and he will never be that.



Yes, the president used profanity on a broadsheet and a tv station’s news program regarding inaccurate reporting.
But you know what he HASN’T done?
1. He hasn’t spoken to advertisers to pull out of the said broad sheet or tv station, as Erap allegedly did.

2. He hasn’t sued a journalist for libel, like Cory actually did.

3. He hasn’t closed down any form of mass media as Marcos did.
However he has also done the following:
1. When bloggers complained to him about anti-Duterte trolls, he merely shrugged and said, “Hayaan nyo sila.”

2. When asked about biased media he says, “They have freedom of speech”

3. When asked if he is angry at media he said, “Do not hesitate to attack me, criticize me if I do wrong in my job.”
And this, dear friends is context.
The president does retain his freedom of speech and in using “putang ina” he did so knowing that the Supreme Court had long ago ruled that such does not constitute profanity or libel.
It cannot be interpreted as an attack on media, given the freedom media enjoys under this administration. But it is an expression of irritation and anger on the inaccuracies allegedly passed off as news by those who advertise themselves as objective and balanced.