Why Do People Make Fun Of Noynoy Spending Time With Josh?

What is written below is an absolute lie!!! Noynoy was so focused on Daang Matawid that all he did was work.

Noynoy Generals Josh.jpg

Nadinig ko yan kahapon sa “Especial na Balita” ni Deo Macalma sa DZRH AM morning show nya.

Kaya lang, ang pinagka iba, ispoken in english si Josh sa kwento ni Macalma.

“I beat Tito Noy!!!”

Too weird to be 100% true.

Baka naman may konting halo nang dagdag yan, kasi napapansin ko, napipikon at nadidismaya na din yung Malacanan Press Corps sa daily work schedule at sa tardiness at sa kawalan ng PR at charisma ni President Noy at ang Communications group nya sa mga press.

Medyo ridiculed na nga nung DZRH Malacanan reporter yung walang katorya-toryang beat nya ngayong administration na ito. Di lang garapalang sinasabi pero halata.

Parang halos wala silang kino-cover everyday. Mas madalas pa daw ang sosyalan.


Noynoy Generals Josh 2


Generals also serve who only stand, wait
POSTSCRIPT By Federico D. Pascual Jr. (The Philippine Star) Updated January 20,

WAITING GAME: What’s happening to the country, general? Waiting, it seems — if this story told us by a military type is true.

Last Jan. 11 daw, 13 newly promoted generals cooled their heels at the Bahay Pangarap, the presidential residence across the river from Malacañang, waiting for the Commander-in-Chief to administer their oaths.

They had been waiting for almost two hours when a jubilant Joshua reportedly emerged from a room shouting “Natalo ko rin siya!” followed shortly by his uncle the President.

The oath-taking that followed took no more than 30 seconds. Most senior in the pack was Lt. Gen. Juancho M. Sabban, Western Command chief. The rest were brigadier and major generals. Also present were the major service commanders and the armed forces chief of staff.


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