But She Loves Leni

I do not in any way shape or form endorse bombing anybody. Yet I admit I have a soft spot for anybody who goes pedal to the metal defense of Leni. Go Go Leni!!! Reduce your critics to pieces not with bombs but with your wisdom, courage and good sense!!! 





The crimes of Lyn Ouvrier, a certified Leni troll


LYN Ouvrier threatened to bomb the Luneta on April 2, and swore to plot the assassination of President Rodrigo Duterte in the event that the impeachment complaint against him does not prosper. She thought she could get away with this.

She is dead wrong.

Lyn Ouvrier is not her true name. It is an alias that she uses as she inflicts her vitriol on Duterte supporters.

Lyn is also a certified Leni troll. In fact, she is even willing to commit a crime in her name. After all, only a loyal and committed follower would publicly state this in Facebook: “We are going to plant bombs at the Luneta Park on April 2nd, 2017 in order to protect the Vice President and disrupt the rally to be organized by fanatics of Duterte.”

It is strange that she can label supporters of the President as fanatics, without thinking that only fanatics would plant bombs in a rally to protect a public figure. In fact, people who would do so are not just fanatics, but are also terrorists.

That post of Lyn became viral. It elicited severe condemnation from netizens, more so from the pro-Duterte side of social media. There was a widespread call to report this to the authorities. Lyn’s account suddenly was deactivated, although it is not certain if Facebook suspended it, or if she deactivated it herself. But her crime, considering that making bomb threats is a crime, became public knowledge, as it was already screen-captured and shared.

But Lyn would not just quietly sit this one out. She re-emerged to issue a threat to social media personalities, which included myself, and informed us that she already reported to the PNP our names whom she accuses of maligning her when we shared in Facebook her posted criminal intent. She alleged that her account was cloned, which is the usual excuse by trolls the moment they are caught committing criminally liable acts in social media.

And Lyn Ouvrier, in defending herself and threatening us, has committed a serious gaffe.

She outed herself as the administrator of a notorious Facebook personality that goes by the name of Resbak Operatives, an anonymous opposition, pro-Leni Robredo account that has terrorized pro-Duterte accounts. Resbak Operatives was the one responsible for taking down the satirical account of Senyora Santibañez. They were also responsible for harassing a pro-Duterte OFW in a most despicable manner where even pictures of the children of the OFW were posted, and his family was threatened.

Lyn Ouvrier, the one who threatened to bomb Luneta in the name of Leni Robredo, is the administrator, hence the owner, of the Resbak Operatives Facebook account, the one who has committed serious acts of libel, cyber-bullying and harassment, again in the name of Leni Robredo.

She is the same Lyn who in another post had the audacity to declare that: “If our plan to impeach Duterte doesn’t work, we will plot an assassination attempt against him.”

Lyn Ouvrier tempted fate.

She placed herself against one of the most formidable social media army of activists that has emerged in the cyber-mediated political landscape.

And here, she has to contend with a determined group.

The rally on April 2, which she intended to bomb, is actually organized by these social media activists who meet not only in chat rooms and Facebook conversations, but in regular eye balls or actual encounters. It will be the first political rally in our country’s history that will be funded by money raised through social media-mediated mechanisms. In less than a week, the organizers used social media to solicit and raise over P2 million from Filipinos all over the world.

It is the same social media activism that galvanizes support for the President to make him become a front-running favorite in the ongoing voting for the top 100 influential persons sponsored by Time Magazine.


And it is this cyber-activism that fuels the current impeachment initiative against Lyn Ouvrier’s idol, Leni Robredo. Again, for the first time in the history of the republic, we will have an impeachment complaint that is led by social media activists and personalities, crowd sourcing evidence and support using Facebook and Twitter, and even e-mail.

You do not mess with this kind of cyber-political power.

It is this kind of dedicated and organic politics that dug into Lyn Ouvrier’s records, enabling netizens to get useful leads on who she really is. Ouvrier is French for “worker,” and this fact became a crucial lead. Her being the administrator of Resbak Operatives led some to her e-mail address, and her blogsite, which then led to identifying her name, her phone number, her address in Cavite, and even her hometown in Iloilo.

Ironically, the person using the alias of Lyn Ouvrier turned out to be a committed advocate for the environment.

That she is committed is beyond doubt, as she is even willing to plant bombs in a rally and plot to assassinate the President to protect Leni Robredo.

And this has made her a committed criminal.



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