Alan and Raissa Robles Will Be Frequently Quoted Here


Now This Is A Cheap Shot

It is bad enough Senator De Lima is in jail for vindictive reasons. She did a lot of legal legwork during the last administration and this is the thanks she gets??? I hate whoever made this!!! Leila  is a dignified woman who may have lead a subordinate to her bed.

Bato Delima

Witch Hunt Hits Abad

What kind of thank you is that??  The DAP ( Disbursement Acceleration Program) was needed for President Noy to weave his magic during his term. He brought those rogues  ( Arroyo, Ejercito, Enrile and Revilla) to justice. That magic would not be possible if not for craftiness of his Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad. In a perfect world ( which Noynoy was trying to create by the way) there would be parades for former Budget Secretary Abad. Instead in this very imperfect administration there are charges of unlawful implementation!  This is the epitome of injustice.

I have included below the speech of Senator Bong Revilla so you can hear what a real criminal sounds like: